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Admission of new members to GNDRI

Form of application for Admission as a member institute to the Global Network of Dryland Research Institutes (GNDRI)

Attention: Please fill out this questionnaire carefully!

If you have more questions, please contact the: GNDRI Office (Dryland Research Centre Hamburg (DRCH)):

Main institutional data
 * Mandatory field
Full name of your institute in English *
Full name of your institute in local language (latin script)
Acronym of your institute
Country *
City *
Email address *
Telephone No.
Fax No.

Additional institutional data
Year of establishment/initiation of work
Official mission statement

Reference of the mission statement (official document in which it appears)
Organization affiliation
Full name of the organization to which the institute is affiliated

Type of organization (e.g., government agency, university, etc.)
Describe the relations of the institute to the organization it is affiliated to, especially with respect to the possibility of the latter to change the mission of the institute
(still  characters available)

List of permanent research personnel (no more than 10 names, rows with empty Last Name will be ignored!)
  Last Name First Name Acadamic degree Scientific discipline

Governance (Name of Director)
Last Name
First Name
Year of appointment
Acadamic degree
Scientific discipline

List of peer reviewed publications
  • The last 10 publications authored each by at least one member of the institute.
  • After Name of author(s) add Year of publication, after name of venue enter (name of Journal or of a book).
  • Then, add a category as follows: in a book - name(s) of book's editor(s); at the end add another entry, in case of book - publisher and city.
Name of author(s), name of publication, name of venue, volume or chapter, pages
Annotate each publication with 1-2 sentences on its relevance to drylands.

Describe the environment of the location of your institute
Geographic location of your institute
Dryland, Land use, Biome
Latitude (preferably in decimal degrees)
Longitude (preferably in decimal degrees)

Short History and Milestones / Stucture of your institute
Provide short history and milestones
Stucture of your institute

Any further information that may be useful/helpful in processing this request for admission to GNDRI

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